Montessori Kids Academy is open to you, the parent, any time your child is present in the school. For the safety of all children, we do request that you make your presence known to the person in charge, and cooperate in not disrupting the school’s program.

Children Served
Montessori Kids Academy is open to children ages 18 months to 12 years old without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical disabilities.

Hours of Operation
Hours of operation for Montessori Kids Academy is from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m. Montessori Kids Academy follows the Forsyth County School Schedule.

Standard Holidays observed by Montessori Kids Academy are:

• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Week
• Christmas and New Year’s Holidays
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
• Presidents Day
• Spring Break Week

Internet Access
Internet access to your child’s classroom is by password only. By enrolling your child at Montessori Kids Academy you consent that your child(ren) may also be seen on the Internet by other persons viewing with passwords. You will be given information about signing up for internet access upon enrollment.

At Montessori Kids Academy we use a method of ‘redirection’ to guide your child(ren) toward appropriate behavior. If a child is engaged in behavior not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will ‘redirect’ the child toward appropriate behavior. (The use of physical punishment or harsh language is prohibited.)

The Parent’s Role
The relationship between parents and school staff is vital to the success of a child’s experience. A partnership must be formed the first day, with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

All students are required to wear school uniforms through Lands’ End.  Our Preferred School Number is 900146317.  Contact the front office for specific clothing options or click on the Lands’ End logo to take you to the exclusive uniform website for Montessori Kids Academy.

Montessori Kids Academy T-Shirt is required for all Field Trips.

Shoes: Navy Mary Janes are preferred for Girls and Brown Dress shoes are preferred for Boys.  No crocs, sandals, flip flops, fashion boots, high heels or Wheeleys may be worn to school.