Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Montessori Kids Academy’s mission is to inspire global citizens by providing authentic Montessori education in an environment which fosters a child’s natural love of learning, promotes peaceful interactions, and cultivates respect and consideration for self, others, community, environment and world.

Vision Statement

The vision of Montessori Kids Academy is to establish and maintain authentic Montessori education for all children of our community. The school inspires productive global citizens by unlocking the potential in each child to become an adult of peace and understanding. We encourage and assist children to reach their true potential by recognizing individual learning styles, temperaments and multiple intelligence’s of children and then tailoring learning to each child.

Montessori Kids Academy works with the community to achieve a high academic standard for every child enrolled and uses technology in the classroom to ensure every child can become a productive citizen in our global economy.

Through our daily actions, practice of conflict resolution and academic activities, Montessori Kids Academy supports and provides education for peace, independence, competence, knowledge, responsibility and enthusiasm for life.