Georgia Tax Credit Scholarships

Apogee Scholarship Fund

Support Montessori Kids Academy through the Apogee Scholarship Fund

In 2008 the Georgia Generally Assembly passed House Bill 1133, allowing individuals and corporations to receive a Georgia income tax credit (and federal income tax deduction for those who itemize) for redirecting their state income tax payments to the Apogee Scholarship Fund.

Apogee uses these contributions to provide private school scholarships to students who are automatically eligible to enroll in PreK, kindergarten, first grade or who are transferring from a Georgia public school.

This helps you lower out of pocket tuitionEligibility

You are already paying income taxes to the state. Why not redirect some of those taxes to provide Georgia children with the Apogee Scholarship Fund? When you redirect your Georgia state taxes to Apogee, you can designate that the contribution be used to provide scholarships at Montessori Kids Academy. Thus, MKA is able to:

  • Increase the financial aid that it can offer new students
  • Increase school enrollment
  • Increase the funds available to improve educational offerings

What is the maximum amount I can contribute?

  • Single individual or head of household – $1,000;
  • Married couple filing joint return – $2,500;
  • Married couple filing separate return- $1,250;
  • C Corporation – 75% percent of Georgia income tax liability;
  • Pass-through taxpayer up to $10,000;
  • S-Corp tax election taxpayer up to 75% of GA tax Click here for more information

How to Contribute:

Click here to submit your Apogee Tax Credit Pledge online today.


Pledge now to start the process today. Contact:  (this goes directly to Montessori Kids Academy) if you have questions or need assistance.


What Happens Next?

  1. Apogee submits pledges to DOR.

On the first business day of January, Apogee submits your pledge application to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR).

  1. Approved to Contribute.

Apogee and DOR notify you of tax credit approval and amount in early January.

  1. Make your donation.

Directly to Apogee by check, online check or credit card within 60 days of DOR approval (January-March) via our payment page here.

  1. Tax Credit receipts are mailed in June.

This Georgia law is a tremendous school choice opportunity provided to us by our state legislators. The tax credit program has become so popular that $58 million in available credits was increased to $100 million in 2019.