Pre-Primary (Toddler)

Our two Pre-Primary classrooms are designed for preschool children aged 15 months to three years. Potty training is not required.

Parents may choose between two weekly schedules, three-day and five-day.  We offer three daily options: half-day release at 11:30am, full-day release at 2:30pm, and extended day release at 6:00pm.

Pre-Primary Overview

We provide clean, safe spaces where nurturing caretakers support the development of children’s independence by encouraging their natural curiosity and high energy levels. Learning activities are focused on the major developmental areas of this age group.

  • language development
  • motor skills
  • exploration
  • making choices
  • interacting with other children
  • counting, sorting, and classifying
  • concentration

Children in this age range learn about the world around them primarily through direct sensory experience. Montessori sensorial materials are designed to refine the five senses.

  • They isolate an individual quality. For example, all of the items in an assortment of geometric shapes are the same color, to focus attention on their visual and tactile differences.
  • They control for error. For example, a child will not be able to fit all of the cylinders into a cylinder block if one is out of place.
  • They prepare children for future learning. For example, most activities involve 10 objects, as a form of indirect preparation for learning the decimal system.

Students are free to move between lessons and work at their own individual pace.  They move to different areas for art activities, music and movement time, and outdoor play so they can experience a variety of environments.

In addition to social and academic learning, children are taught to work together to care for the classroom. They sweep the floor, help set the table for snack time, and clean up after themselves.

Please click here for an overview of the Pre-Primary Curriculum.

Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions about our Pre-Primary program.

The Montessori approach helps children to develop an early love of learning that will prepare them for future academic and career success. If you are considering a Montessori preschool or elementary education for your child, we invite you to schedule a tour of Montessori Kids Academy. Visit our classrooms and see the difference that Montessori education can make.