At Montessori Kids Academy, we believe art is fundamental in encouraging creativity. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is an important building block in child development. At Montessori Kids Academy, every child has weekly art instruction with a dedicated art teacher.



Coding, at its core, is a creative process in which something is made from scratch. This process allows children to use their imagination, encourages creative thinking, and utilizes problem-solving skills. Coding has become a crucial skill in today’s ever-changing and evolving tech world. To minimize screen time, younger students learn coding via unplugged activities. Older students will be able to practice and improve their coding skills on a computer.



Maker Spaces teaches children resilience through trial and error. The students must analyze what works and what doesn’t, and then adjust accordingly. This process allows them to try different problem-solving tactics. They learn to experiment, make improvements, and accept failures while developing resiliency.

maker space


Robotics helps children understand and apply programming skills in practical applications. Students have the opportunity to build working robots, experiment with engineering and design, and write precise instructions on how the robot functions.