Half Day Program/Montessori Mornings

We offer a half-day program for children ages 15 months+.

The hours are 8:00am – 11:30am.  Choose three or five days per week.

Montessori Morning Program Overview

Montessori Mornings is our half-day program. The schedule includes guidance from and instruction by Montessori-certified teachers in:

  • Social skills and personal development, including confidence, creativity, kindness, and responsibility
  • Arts and crafts activities to help develop tactile skills and fuel creativity.
  • Practical activities of daily life, such as sweeping the floor, serving food and drinks, or buttoning a jacket, to help children develop concentration, coordination, and problem-solving skills
  • Sensorial activities that help children approach concepts like pattern recognition, differences in size and quantity, and similarities versus differences, through direct physical experience
  • Language arts, in which students begin by associating letters with sounds, progress through recognizing and sounding out words, and move on to basic grammar and reading comprehension
  • Mathematics, using the Montessori multisensory approach that emphasizes tangible materials over memorization
  • Culture studies, which encompasses Botany, Geography, History, Zoology, and a broad Science category, expanding both the students’ knowledge bases and their vocabularies

If you want more information on this special half-day preschool program, that is much more than just a daycare, call 678-208-0774 or email info@montessoricumming to find out more or to schedule a tour.