Core Values

Diverse Community We have the unique advantage of having a richly diverse school, allowing us a first-hand opportunity to experience different customs, cultures, and traditions. We cultivate an open environment and strong relationships with all of our students, families, teachers, and stakeholders.

Respectful Relationships We teach respect in everything we do. From showing respect in the classrooms to extending respect out into the world, we model respectful relationships. We believe that it is important to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Lifelong Love of Learning We cultivate a love of learning in students that will help them experience a rich and meaningful life. We provide students with the opportunity to learn modern concepts in the Montessori way. We encourage our entire school, from the students to the teachers to the support staff to the parents, to always find new ways to learn.

Outstanding Academics We set high standards for our school and our students. We attract talented, hardworking people and we invest in their continued development. We recognize that we are most effective when we work as a team. Most importantly, we stay focused on delivering the highest quality education to our students and excellent service to their families.

Passion for Living We have a zeal for life and appreciate every moment we are given. We are thankful for the blessings we have and encourage living life fully. We understand the importance of exploring the world and learning something every day. We love learning, meeting new friends, and having fun!


Mission Statement

Montessori Kids Academy’s mission is to produce global citizens by providing quality Montessori education in an environment which fosters a child’s natural love of learning, promotes peaceful interactions, and cultivates respect for self, others, community, and the world.



At Montessori Kids Academy, our vision is to unlock the potential in each child to become an adult of peace and understanding. We encourage and assist children to reach their full potential by recognizing individual learning styles, temperaments, and multiple intelligences of children and tailor learning to each child. Children are shown how to play a responsible role in protecting the environment and encouraged to strive for high academic achievement. Montessori Kids Academy partners with parents and the community to ensure the highest standard of learning for every student.

“Cultivating the Desire to Learn”