What Our Parents Say

Montessori Kids Academy is a great school! My sons have been going there for three years and love their friends and all their teachers. They are very kind to everyone. Thank you very much to all of you. I feel very happy for them to be well.

— M. Carvalho


Wonderful teachers. Creative program for all age groups. Highly recommended.

— A. Smith


We are preparing our  kids to take the Gifted and Talented test when they enter public school so we have been doing creation and classification work. CJ did a great job!! He worked through the material fast and with confidence. He was able to explain his answers and determine why the other choices were incorrect. I’m very proud of his progress!

— C. Ibeh


Montessori Kids Academy is a wonderful school. The staff are like family and encourage a loving environment for our children. My child was shy and not confident while speaking with teachers. She has truly flourished under the staff at Montessori’s care, I can’t even say just her classroom teachers care because they all work together to make all the children feel loved, respected, safe and confident. When choosing a school you couldn’t possibly go wrong choosing this one.
   — M. Simmons


Very safe and good teaching environment
   — Craig


A solid education from dedicated and caring professionals. Great experience for my son.
   — AJ


Montessori Kids Academy is amazing! Our two children have progressed and excelled very quickly and my wife and I have been very pleased. The staff is experienced and they have gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and feel like our kids are in great hands. I highly recommend taking a tour to experience the difference!
  — Casey Moore


We wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. We went to an apple orchard and were amazed that Jaisal knew so much about apples—everything from the core, to the different types, even Johnny Appleseed’s real name! We are grateful to you that Jaisal is learning so much and enjoying school.
V. Shah


We have to tell you how happy we are with the level of involvement we are getting with the teachers. Ms. Veronica’s and Ms. Lydia’s emails and pictures are wonderful and we truly appreciate the effort they put in to keep us well informed.
   — Hamish


I just wanted to let you know that the class presentation yesterday was really awesome. A huge shout out for the hard work you and Radhica had to put in to bring all that talent out of the kids. Also, we truly appreciate the weekly notices and pictures you send. All of your efforts five us parents a lot of peace of mind and the sense that they are achieving full potential.
   — Poormima


Thank you for all the effort you put in educating Lucas. He shows his own talent and personality. You give him the extra care and guidance he needs.  We appreciate everything you do.
— Lucas’ Parents


Thank you for the patience, kindness & encouragement and everything this wonderful group does for my children. MKA is a team of GREAT educators and we are truly grateful. Thank you!
   — Parent


This school is absolutely the best!! And I am extremely picky parent…. The kindness/compassion in this school is filtered down from the top starting with the heart of the school, Miss Charlotte, who is always willing to listen to your concerns and make special arrangements if need be.

The teachers here take absolute pride and joy in their job and it is very evident as soon as you walk in the door and being introduced to them personally.

I can personally say that I have left with my child screaming and crying (2-yr Cassatt classroom) at the end of the day because she DID NOT want to leave the school, this speaks volumes to me. I can honestly say my daughter has found a home away from home in the school.

Not only are the kids here getting excellent education but are loved on and taken care of by the staff as if they were their own, it’s hard being a working mom that is leaving your little one for 9 hours a day, but it is a comfort knowing that she is well taken care of as well as building an educational foundation for what’s ahead.

This school does not only have a great curriculum, but it also caters to every child’s individual needs. It’s so nice getting an email from Ms. Shahan letting me know how her week went and what she personally learned and accomplished for the week.

Classrooms are clean, kept up and equipped with all up to date educational needs my little one needs.

There is always a fun event for the children to look forward to, such as book fairs, festivals, art shows in which the children can display their “Masterpieces” and the school is always beautifully decorated with the children’s artwork & festive displays.

I also have the comfort of knowing that my little one will be eating healthy lunch and snack, canned food is not an option at this school, fresh fruit is daily on display as I walked by to pick up my child where they keep the baskets of fruit for their snack in a squeaky clean large kitchen area.

The carpool line in the morning is so convenient! You are able to drive up to the school and the teachers come out and greet your child and take them out of the car for you. It’s adorable, it’s like VIP valet service for our little ones, and a heck of a convenience for us rushing to work moms…

If you are looking for an exceptional educational learning experience for your child…. look no further. Miss Shelly at the front desk will be there to greet you with her warm, welcoming demeanor. And believe me when I say this is all coming from an extremely picky parent that can be hard to please sometimes….
   — Alexandra Nara-Sumner



AdvancED Review for Montessori Kids Academy

Montessori Kids Academy is a hidden gem! One of the school’s greatest strengths is the care, dedication, and passion of the teaching staff.

Core values include the love of learning, respectful relationships, outstanding academics, diverse communities, and a passion for living. These beliefs are embodied in the staff and transferred to the students both verbally and non-verbally throughout the day. Students and staff display a high degree of respect for each other and for their environments. Each child in the school is well-knows and is matched to an adult advocate who serves that student for a minimum of three years. This three-year cycle has provided great stability and consistency for students as they mature in their educational environment.

There are ample resources to meet the learning objectives of the school. The building and campus are warm and welcoming, and inviting. Safety and security are a primary focus as the school is carefully monitored daily. The environment is peaceful and calm. Live plants and numerous birds and animals provide a natural setting which enhances a sense of serenity rarely felt in a school.

AdvancED Accreditation